Empresas Marítimas Oxxean is a holding company whose essential objective is the development of Maritime, Port, and Logistics Services in Chile, completing efficient and high quality work for its clients. Maintaining a safe workplace and caring for the environment are the fundamental pillars of our company.

This mission is carried out through maritime port projects and the provision of services associated with the fishing, aquaculture, shipping, and maritime transport industries; bulk cargo; and customized projects; contributing to the country’s development and growth.


Empresas Marítimas OXXEAN

Empresas Marítimas OXXEAN was founded in 1973 by brothers Ivar and Jorge Pacheco. The company was created to fulfill the needs of maritime agencies and shipping companies by providing necessary services for their vessels. These services consisted mainly of salvaging damaged ships, professional diving jobs to clean and inspect ships, refloating sunken ships, and civil-maritime works.


A new line of business located in OXXEAN Puerto Chacabuco is added to the port’s traditional services. The new Cruise Ship Terminal seeks to satisfy the high demand of cruise ships that arrive in the Aysén Region, providing a high-quality service for the reception of passengers, servicing 55% of the ships in the area.


OXXEAN Puerto Chincui is born to satisfy the existing need for loading and unloading bulk products in our region, in addition to the completion of individual projects and the provision of multiple services that are adapted to the needs of the client.


In Puerto Oxxean, Puerto Montt, this terminal is founded to load and unload goods from the company Navimag, contributing to the connectivity of the southernmost zones of Chile.


Puerto Chacabuco provides important port infrastructure and a shipyard in the Aysén Region. It strengthens logistics and connectivity along the coastline in the south of Chile.


In order to provide and even more complete service for the maritime industry, the OXXEAN Shipyard is built in Puerto Montt for the repair and maintenance of ships and marine vessels.


Construction of Puerto OXXEAN in the Chincui Bay begins. Its purpose is to render supply services and general cargo transfer.


After becoming one of the major providers of maritime salvage for the aquaculture industry, OXXEAN Marina is built for commercial, sport, and tourism vessels.


With the birth of salmon farming in the Lakes Region, the venture in the industry was begun by offering undersea work experience in the evaluation and development of aquaculture projects, installation and maintenance of cultivation centers, towing, refloating, and timely emergency assistance. The society OXXEAN S.A. is created.


The brothers Ivar and Jorge Pacheco had a common interest, the sea. From the time they were children, they enjoyed fishing. Later came diving and algae collection, and they saw the latter as a great business opportunity. In this way, the brothers begin working to satisfy the needs of maritime agencies and shipping companies by providing services for their vessels.

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