41°31’3.67″S / 73° 2’22.36″O

OXXEAN Port Puerto Montt

Strategically located on the Chincui bay 13.5 km from Puerto Montt, Oxxean Port is a versatile domestic full-service terminal which offers excellent connectivity trough Route 5, the country´s main highway. The principal transfer areas serviced by the port are general cargo (cabotage) for the aquaculture industry, and inland connectivity with southern Chile.

The port operates 3 docks with different strategic infrastructure to ensure the biosecurity of its operations, a necessary requirement under the current sanitary model used by the aquaculture industry.

• Chincui bay provides year round safe-haven maritime conditions
• The port is fully operational 24/7, 365 days a year

The port


• The port operates 3 fully mechanized fixed and floating docks, with a total of 22 berthing sites.
• Ferry Terminal on a floating dock, no operating restrictions based on tidal variations.
• Warehouses (1,200 m2), backup esplanade for port activities (21,000 m2), special yards to facilitate truck operations (14,000 m2).


• Load transfer activity
• Storage, reception and delivery of cargo
• High tonnage mobile cranes
• Rental of equipment
• Regular fuel supply
• On-dock water supply
• Energy supply (380 V)
• Disinfection of vessels, trucks, tanks, bins and pallets
• Wi-Fi and VHF available
• Parking lot 1.2 hectares (in expansion)


Types of cargo

• Transfer of smolts
• Transfer of fish feed
• Transfer of nets
• Transfer of salmon cages
• Transfer of rolling stock
• Transfer of silage
• Transfer of reverse logistics (waste)
• Transfer of water for fish
• Transfer of fuel
• Transfer of special project cargo for aquaculture industry
• Transfer of general cargo