About us


Through innovative maritime and port solutions, we create social value and contribute to the development and connectivity in Chile’s southernmost regions, thus helping to improve the standard of living in this vast territory.


We work hard to become Chile’s best maritme, port and logistic services company, by diversifying our operations and leading the industry in innovation and development projects.

Our values

  • Commitment

    We are conscious of the importance of fulfilling the agreed upon objectives. Our physical, intellectual and affective commitments drive us to permanently seek a superior quality of service and client satisfaction.

  • Trust

    We strive to fulfill our commitments with clients, suppliers, neighbors, authorities and workers, guaranteeing services with the best quality, safety and sustainability standards.

  • Honesty and Integrity

    The probity, honesty and integrity of all who work at OXXEAN are the essence of the way we relate with each other and do business, going one step further than what our clients and legal requirements ask of us.

  • Humbleness

    We are aware that we have the capacity, experience and knowledge required to work with excellence, but we do not show it off. For us, it is just our job. We are not conformists and always aim at improving, silently.

  • Respect

    We prize the interests and needs of all who are related with us and we strive to behave with reciprocity. Our aspiration is to accomplish tolerance and non-discrimination, trying to embrace and accept the ideas, opinions and ways of others in order to guarantee a sound coexistence.

  • Security

    We seek the safety and well-being of all those who participate in our activities, our primary objective being to care for the integrity of our people.

Our history

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