Maritime works

We offer comprehensive and skilled maritime services, providing the necessary guarantee that the works will be well executed and ensuring the operational continuity of our client’s installations throughout the country

Salvage operations


The service of mooring engineering requires a rigorous work of analysis, which considers testing and monitoring all the details that are needed to handle a project.


We have 7 towboats with up to 6 tons of bollard pull to offer towing services for naval crafts, cages, pontoons and other structures, in a secure, efficient and professional manner


Oceanography services enable the exploration of the surface and the bottom of the sea, scanning the physical characteristics of the water column. These surveys are required by the aquaculture industry with different scopes and purposes.


The mooring and maritime works division ensures that each project in which it participates is accomplished with a criterion of excellence and safety.



Maritime Works has a fleet of specialized vessels with a lifting capacity of 60 tons, plus salvage balloons, high capacity lifting platforms, cranes, winches and multiple systems for hoisting different types of equipments.


Our team of commercial divers has more than 30 years of experience in: maritime accidents, refloating, rescue and salvage of vessels and naval crafts, backed by high depth underwater robotics.


We have a wide variety of equipments deployed in Chile’s southern territories, among which we can mention the following: containment barriers, skimmers, floating accumulation tanks, absorbent material, suits and helmets for contaminated waters.


Our Company is a known leader in Chile for rendering opportune and effective services in cases relates to maritime emergencies.

Commercial Diving and Underwater Robotics


ROV is a submarine robot connected to a boat located on the surface by means of a long cable. Through this cable all the data from the photographic cameras and the sensors of the ROV are transmitted to the control center of the surface boat.


This technological equipment has the unique capacity to obtain images, recover artifacts, take samples, rescue objects, inspect mooring lines, fish and sea lion nets, inspect the bottom of the sea and rescue objects that are too deep for divers.


Inspection activities require a thorough action and the company is well equipped in this field. It has a staff of highly trained professionals and more than 35 years of experience.



OXXEAN Maritime Company owns three port terminals, which gives the Company more than years of experience in the maintenance of docks.


Some of the services we offer are: Pile cleaning, flame cutting and underwater welding, maintenance of underwater pipes, among others.


Our workforce is comprised of 250 professionals and multidisciplinary technical personnel, which allow us to obtain successful results in all our activities.

Areas of Work

Salmon Farming

Installation and recuperation of mooring lines
Positioning of cages and maritime artifacts
Installation of submarine emissaries and salmon pipelines
Mooring engineering
Submarine robotics
Oceanography studies
Mooring line inspections
Cleaning of sea bottom

Maritime terminals

Biennial maintenances
Installation of anodes
Measurements of thickness
Underwater welding
Pile cleaning
Calculation report for docking of ships

Power plants

Maintenance of floodgates
Cleaning of adduction pipelines
Sealing expansion joints of adduction pipelines
Inspection of seawater siphons


Maintenance and repair of vessels and naval crafts
Fairing of vessels and floating structures
Salvage and rescue
Inspection of ships by Class

Maritime civil works

Assembly and maintenance of maritime structures
Driving and cutting of piles
Engineering, construction and installation of emissaries
Engineering for installation of maritime structures

Salvage of vessels

Refloating of sunken vessels and naval crafts
Control and cleaning of maritime spills
Chance repair of ships


Maintenance of dredging systems
Diving in tailings
Maintenance of water suction lines

Geographical coverage